Mixed company in the barn yard

Asked August 12, 2017, 9:11 PM EDT

I have 3 goats, 1-whether and 2 does, 2 mini donkeys, 1-gelding and a jenny. and a pot-bellied pig. They each have a stall but mix during the day. Most of the time they get along but the goats butt the pig sometimes, the donkeys occassionally bite at each other and the pig will charge the donkeys if too close to his food. They all get lots of love and touching from me and sometimes I think they are all jealous at times. Is it OK to have them together?.What is normal behavior...is some aggression normal? Also how can I be more involved wirh OSU and small farms. Thank you!

Jackson County Oregon

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It is perfectly ok to have them all together, as long as they have enough "personal" space while outside to not feel threatened by each other. Everything you described sounds absolutely normal in a mixed situation with each trying to establish their order in the herd. It is just a mixed species herd :). In any herd you will see some of these same behaviors and nothing you noted should be bothersome.

Jackson County has a small farms program and you should be in touch with Maud.Powell@oregonstate.edu to get on their email lists and newsletters that they have available.