Lawn Question

Asked August 12, 2017, 2:04 PM EDT

I have quack grass in my lawn that has gotten out of control. I have just started to spray with Round-up to kill it. I plan to reseed it this fall. I am scheduled to have the lawn aerated - does plug aeration spread the quack grass? Should I cancel the aeration until I get it under control? Normally I would seed after the aeration. Would appreciate your advice. Sharon Perlick

Wright County Minnesota

2 Responses

Control the quack grass before you aerate the lawn. Cutting the rhizomes of quack grass by any means causes rapid multiplication of these weedy grasses. Spray the area with glyphosate (Roundup) on the grass, extending out 6-10" beyond the patch. Do not mow the area 2 days prior to spraying or 3 days after spraying. “One problem with using glyphosate on quack grass is that up to 95% of the lateral buds on the rhizomes are dormant even though the plant is actively growing. Since herbicides are translocated from the leaves to actively growing plant tissue, after about 7 days the glyphosate degrades and the dormant lateral buds will start to grow new shoots. It may take more than one application to completely eradicate quack grass. One way to overcome lateral bud dormancy is to apply nitrogen fertilizer. This will break lateral bud dormancy, and the herbicide will be translocated to the now actively growing plant tissue and kill the entire plant. Repeat the application of glyphosate every 30 to 45 days; avoid cultivation for 2 weeks after each application.” Read more at

thank you for your prompt response to my question. Sharon P.