identify bugs

Asked August 11, 2017, 5:47 PM EDT

I have a couple of trees that look to be infected with some thing and I don't know what they are so that I can treat them.

Lane County Oregon

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Thank you for attaching the nice images to your inquiry.

IMG 0843 reveals a normal anatomy in certain conifers. The light-colored objects at the tips of the foliage are male cones, not bugs.

The odd projections from the leaves in IMG 0850 are leaf galls. They are caused by tiny flying insects which inserted their eggs into the leaves; After the youngsters hatch, their feeding on the leaf tissues causes these small protective shelters for them. Leaf galls of this sort, although often considered unattractive, will not damage the plant’s health. The numbers of galls will vary from year to year.

No spray or other treatment will prevent leaf galls from forming. But, if the galls are concentrated on one or several branches, you may want to remove those branches, then discard them in the trash.

To learn about the various gall makers, see “Insect and mite galls” at