source of poultry manure (2-3 bushels), composted or uncomposted, for my home garden

Asked August 11, 2017, 1:05 PM EDT

This exchange of e-mails between me and PSU's Phillip Clauer earlier today (displayed below) describes this matter. Start at the bottom with my initial message and scroll upward to the most recent message from Mr. Clauer. If anybody else at the extension can help, I'd appreciate it. Any suggestions are welcome. _ _ _ _ _ The Poultry center is a Bio-secure area and does not allow people to access. Also, it has been policy to not set a residence allowing this type of activity. Sorry, PJC Phillip J. Clauer Senior Instructor Poultry Science Club Advisor 4-H Youth and Specialty Poultry Extension Department of Animal Science 213 Henning Building University Park, PA 16802-3501 814-863-8960 (office) 814-865-5691 (fax) From: Phil & Marty Edmunds [] Sent: Friday, August 11, 2017 12:41 PM To: Phillip Clauer Subject: Re: poultry manure for my garden I appreciate your prompt reply. Yes, I’m aware that poultry manure is a “hot” nutrient. The analyses I’ve seen on line indicate it’s got about 3 times the nitrogen content of other animal manures. Nevertheless, I’d like to try it with my garlic. I intend to mix the manure with the soil a few weeks before planting the garlic cloves in late October. Would it be feasible for me to get the 2 to 3 bushels before it’s taken to the composting center, on a “buyer beware” basis. Given what I know about uncomposted poultry manure, it would be silly for anybody to suggest PSU is at fault for any damage the manure might cause to my garlic seed. Alternatively, would it be feasible for me to get the composted material from the composting center? I’m willing to pay a moderate amount for it even though Ms. Houck at the dairy barn charged nothing last fall for the stable litter. Phil Edmunds On Aug 11, 2017, at 10:42 AM, Phillip Clauer

Centre County Pennsylvania

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Mr. Clauer was right in the fact that the Poultry Center has a no visitor policy. This unfortunately has been policy for quite a few years and was strengthened during the last Avian Flu Break a few years ago. Your options could be:

1) buy compost from PSU compost center. This may have composted chicken manure in it.

Or 2) go to your local home improvement store and buy bags of Scotts humus and manure. This has pelleted poultry manure in the mix. Read the bag carefully to confirm. Scotts has been buying pelleted poultry manure for some time and mixing it into their fomulations. So read all the Scotts bags and see if one will fit your needs.

Or 3) Look for Kreider Farms poultry manure. It is layer manure that may be mixed with cattle manure. Made in PA. It is sold in a few places:
from their website the closest store from Univ. Park to carry it would be:

Phone : 570-837-7703

I would call before you go to be sure they have the product in stock.....

Thanks, G.

Thank you, Dr. Martin, for the prompt feedback and information.