Collapsing Drywell

Asked August 11, 2017, 12:13 PM EDT

We have what we believe is a collapsing dry well in our back yard. Sewers went in in the 70's. There is a round brick cylinder about 18' X 5' in diameter with a pipe entering the side of dry well about half way down. (There is a cap.) The well is empty. The collapse appears to be happening both within and without the dry well cylinder. (It seems as if the cylinder is a circle within a square.) We want to resolve this problem responsibly. We have been unable to get anyone to come and look at it to let us know if we are correct in our assessment and to give us input about remediation. Can you help?

Anne Arundel County Maryland miscellaneous collapsing drywell

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At the Home and Garden Information Center, we answer questions about gardening and pest control, so we have no expertise in this.

We recommend that you contact your county offices. The department dealing with sewers and/or wells may be able to help you