We live in South Toledo in an Oak tree grove. We have a lot of black...

Asked August 11, 2017, 11:59 AM EDT

We live in South Toledo in an Oak tree grove. We have a lot of black (carpenter?) ants (about 5 mm long). Last year about this time we had a swarm (100-200) enter our family room. I hypothesized there was a colony in the outside wall although we seldom see other evidence of them. We do find 2 or 5 ants/week at various times and places in the house. This summer I drilled several holes in the paneling about 2 feet above the floor and puffed in a commercial (comparatively safe) ant killer, sodium tetraborate. So far, we haven't seen a significant number of ants in the house. I would like to know more about the life cycle and habits of these ants so that I can evaluate the effectiveness of my treatment. My wife would like to know when she might expect a swarm if my treatment was not effective.

Lucas County Ohio

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I am sending a fact sheet about carpenter ants.

I checked my inbox but can't find your reply. Please resend it.

For some reason I have not received the fact sheet on carpenter ants. Or, alternatively, can I pick up a copy at the Maumee office?
Ernie Lippert