Is this boxwood blight?

Asked August 11, 2017, 10:30 AM EDT

My row of small boxwoods were vibrant green and very healthy looking. Now they are loosing leaves, looking unhealthy and turning straw colored (see e20 and e22.jpg). Is this boxwood blight or some other treatable disease / condition? In another area of the front garden, another taller boxwood (see e23.jpg) has leaves covered with white specks, what is this condition?

Montgomery County Maryland

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Please read over our information on boxwood blight and study the photos: We do not see any cankers in the photos.
Boxwood blight is characterized by rapid leaf dropping, starting at the bottom of the shrub and going up. Yours does display leaf drop from the bottom, so check the stems carefully for cankers. Read through the links in the above webpage, too. Get back to us if you continue to suspect boxwood blight.

The third photo is not a boxwood. It is a species of euonymus. The white specks are an insect known as euonymus scale. Here is help with that: