My poor dictamnus, my pride and joy

Asked August 10, 2017, 4:11 PM EDT

My dictamnus alba--now about 23 years old-has been turning yellow and drying up this summer. It has always been healthy and handsome, prospering in its place. About half the plant is gone now. We tried treating it for iron deficiency but that didn't seem to help. We have Japanese beetles for the first time this year. My husband mulched the garden with mulch from the Ramsey county center. I've wondered if that could have been the problem. I've added pics. Any suggestions? Thanks, Kate Briggs 2161 Sargent Ave, St Paul Kate Briggs

Ramsey County Minnesota plant disease

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It is all very wet I assume that it has just rained. There does appear to be rot on the stems. There also appears to be spots on some of the leaves. I would remove all of the affected stems and destroy them. Make sure that you clean up all of the remaining foliage well this fall too. If you would like you can send a sample to the Plant Disease Clinic for analysis. Here is a link to their info. . Here are a couple of other links to look at and compare to your problems. I don't know why the mulch would be a problem. You could call and ask if anyone else has had a problem. I would remove it from the base of the plant. .