Which types of sprays to use on my trees

Asked August 9, 2017, 6:55 PM EDT

I am going to be purchasing a few peach trees and apple trees to add to my fruit operation. I do not have my herbicide/insecticide license and would like to avoid getting it if possible. My question is, are the products that I can buy without a license effective enough to keep my trees clean and bug free? I have gotten several different opinions on this and really don't know.

York County Pennsylvania

1 Response

If you do not have a private applicator license, you will not be able to purchase restricted use products. Off the shelf pesticides sold to the general public do not have as high a % of active ingredient in them. In most cases, particularly if you had a decent number of trees, I would not recommend them. Since you only want to put in a few trees, you could try them and see if you are satisfied. This link is to the Penn State backyard fruit grower manual.