What plant is this?

Asked August 8, 2017, 5:04 PM EDT

My lawn has died back now. And there is this green patch that seems to be ok with no water, and hot weather. I can walk on it no problem. It has no flower that I've seen. It doesn't look like a sedum, to me. It has no odor or aroma. Doesn't seem like thyme to me. I was hoping you can tell me what it is - seems like I should plant more of that to have a green looking yard right now.
Thank you!

Yamhill County Oregon lawns and turf plant identification horticulture

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Identification of weeds from a photo when they are not flowering is difficult. It sort of looks like Knawel or German Moss, Scleranthus annuus. If it is this plant, it is an annual weed and thus unsatisifactory as lawn. Virginia Tech Weed ID page for Knawel is here https://oak.ppws.vt.edu/~flessner/weedguide/scran.htm
If you examine the weed closely and it doesn't match the description, I suggest that you take a sample of the weed into the OSU Extension Office at 2050 NE Lafayette Ave. There a Master Gardener will be able to look at the distinguishing features that are hard to see in a photo to aid them in identification of the plant. In the meantime, enjoy the green patch.

Thank you! I've never heard of that and it gives me a direction to learn more. This is the 3-4th question i've posed. I love your service!

You are very welcome. I'm glad this service works well for you.