Impenetrable clay soil

Asked August 8, 2017, 12:25 PM EDT

Hi, I live on a creek that overflows every year and is very wet about 9 months of the year. Yesterday I was trying to dig a hole for a fence post and found that about a foot below the surface the dirt was so hard I couldn't get a shovel in it. I rented a power auger and it too could not penetrate the dirt. In fact the dirt was shiny where the auger had spun. I added water and after two hours the water hadn't sunk it. (I think this explains why it stays wet all years!) What can we do about concrete-like soil in a wetland area? We have an acre and a half. It is a lake for three months and a swamp for 6 months. I was digging in the area that's wet 9 months of the year. Help!

Marion County Oregon

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You probably would be best, as this is a riparian situation, to consider contacting the Marion Soil and Water Conservation District in Salem for some options. Wooden fence posts, even treated, would not live long in the conditions that you describe. Their website address is: