columbine problem

Asked August 8, 2017, 10:42 AM EDT

Hi, My columbine, in 2 different places in my yard in Rockville, has weird tracings of white lines, and then turns brown.

Montgomery County Maryland

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Your columbines have leafminers, a common insect pest of columbines, which tunnels through the leaves as it eats. It does not kill the plant or do significant damage to its health.

  • Leafminers are insects that feed within a leaf, producing large blotches or meandering tunnels.
  • Although leafminer injuries are conspicuous, most leafminers produce injuries that have little, if any, effect on plant health.
  • Most leafminers have many natural controls that will normally provide good control of leafminers.
We recommend that you pick off leaves with mines that you spot early in the season and dispose of them in the trash, thus breaking the life cycle and reducing the insect's population in the area.
Here is our information on leafminers on vegetables, which is very similar to that on other plants: