Yew Cunningham

Asked August 7, 2017, 4:35 PM EDT

What fungus is affecting needle evergreen? Upright yew in front foundation planting. Likely original planting of house built in 1941. Northeast Baltimore City. East southeast facing. Yew shows lack of vigor, needles lighter green than normal. Fungal growth at base and advancing up trunk. Noticed 3 years ago and so extended downspout out away from front bed to drain rainwater into grass area. No improvement as a result of this action. No pesticide or fertilizer applications in last 20 years. Planting bed gets little traffic. No salts used on sidewalk during icy conditions. No insect pests evident on leaf or stem.


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We viewed your photos and the yew looks pretty good overall. The green growth at the base of the shrub is an algae growth. This grows in moist shady areas and can live on bark without harming it. No control is necessary. See more

The plant is mature and there is a lack of sun near the house foundation so the plant will grow more slowly. Yews grow best in a well drained soil. Make sure the soil drains well in the area and is not holding moisture. Mulch should be no thicker than several inches and keep away from the base of the stem. If we have dry periods keep watered. There is not much else you can do.


Thank you very much. I am relieved that no fungicide appl is necessary. Appreciate the prompt response.