heirloom beans crossed with morning glory

Asked August 7, 2017, 2:23 PM EDT

Hello, Last year I had heirloom beans planted within 3 feet of a morning glory when I noticed that the some of the bean plants were beginning to vine. I've had this heirloom bean for over 20 years and this never happened before. Each year I save seed for the next year. I pulled the vining beans out and took seed from the normal bean plants but when I planted them this year, some of them began vining also! I pulled most of them out but some of the plants I'm not sure. Will the resulting bean be edible as I've read that morning glories are poisonous? Thank you for any advice you have available. Irene

Stearns County Minnesota

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Rest assured, your morning glory and your bean did not "cross". Morning glory is of the family Convolvulaceae, usually the genus Ipomoea. Garden beans are of the legume family, Fabaceae. So different species. Different genera. Different family. More likely is that your bean crossed with another bean, perhaps not from your yard, but from another's yard. Remember that many beans send out vining tendrils.

This is a reminder that, while saving seeds might be a fun thing to do, to guarantee the seeds you save are true to the parent plant requires some degree of isolation. Read here: