Beetle eating my plums

Asked August 6, 2017, 7:01 PM EDT

A beetle is eating my italian plums. they are nearly ripe. the beetle is burrowed in to the plum and I can scrape it off with my fingernail but it def attached. It is multicolored and fairly small. There are also a lot of holes in the leaves. I will upload a pic. Help! How can I get rid of them?

Also are these 2 pics of the same insect? One may be a lady bird larva but the second one looks different.

Multnomah County Oregon

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Yes, it is attached to your plum. But it is not eating the plum.

What you have is the non-feeding life stage of a lady beetle named the pupal stage. When it was a youngster, it helped you get rid of aphids and other small insects which you may not have recognized as being on your plum tree. The next life stage will be an adult.

Lady beetles are often referred to as ladybugs. If this pupa is undisturbed, the top surface of the pupal case will split open and an adult lady beetle will step out.

Lady beetles are helpful in the garden because they eat a number of small garden pests. Lady beetles do not make holes in the leaves.

To see information and images of one common kind of lady beetle, go to

Thank you for that. What about the 2nd pic in which the beetle actually seems lodged in there. Is it also a ladybeetle? It looks quite different.

Whoa! That’s one magic picture because it wasn’t present previously!

The second picture shows something entirely different, not at all related to the lady beetles. It appears to be something stuck in sap oozing from the plum. I’m uncertain if the dark material is the remains of a bug or if it’s debris. Something else caused that, perhaps the fruit was poked by a twig or a small insect fed there. If caused by an insect, the culprit is already gone.

:) I added bc they looked so different. I think it is the shell of something that is gone. But a different insect. But I couldn't figure out what. I looked at some images on google and it doesn't look like anything I saw.