Rusty looking bean plants

Asked August 6, 2017, 3:49 PM EDT

Some of my green beans have rusty spots on them, and the bean starts to curl / dry up. The plant stems turn brown and brittle. It seems to be worse on the plants at the ends of the rows, but is slowly spreading down the rows. Any suggestions?

Stearns County Minnesota

1 Response

Thank you for the question. Your beans may be suffering from rust or anthracnose, two very common fungal diseases. Rust and anthracnose infect plants from spores that overwinter on garden debris and can blow in from many miles away. Anthracnose can also be introduced on infected seed. There isn't anything you can do now to save the plants. Remove infected plants and discard in the trash but not in your home compost pile because it doesn't get hot enough to kill the fungus. The disease is best managed preventativly by planting disease resistant varieties and using clean, disease free seed. Also avoid overhead watering, crowded growing conditions that promote damp foliage, working in the garden when the plants are wet, and clean up garden debris at the end of the season to reduce the chance of overwintering spores. Use the link below to use our self diagnostic program "What's Wrong with my Plant?"to learn more: Thank you for contacting Extension.