Switch housing development to native plants

Asked August 6, 2017, 11:07 AM EDT

Hi Here is the background: I have recently moved into a townhouse development in Chesapeake Beach. It is directly on the bay. The current plantings seem like generic builder plants from the 1990's with a few decorative touches thrown in. The plants are mature and,in some cases , taking over where they are inconvenient. I would like to have the current bunch assessed as to whether they are natives for the area or exotics and develop a garden plant to manage how the landscaping progresses. Here is the question: How do I start? Thank you for your advice Kind regards Peggy

Calvert County Maryland

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We recommend that you reach out the the Calvert County Master Gardeners. They participate in the Bay-Wise Program, which involves conducting yard visits and assisting homeowners to develop Bay-friendly practices through planting choices, etc.

The director of the Calvert County Master Gardener Program is:
Chris Seubert



In addition, here is a link to our web page on native plants, which includes several good resources to help with plant selection.


Thank you, I will start there!