Peach spray schedule

Asked August 5, 2017, 8:32 PM EDT

My peach trees bloomed OK but but did not open leaf buds until later and only one the tips. They presently are puting out grow but have a lot of dead wood in the middle of tree. What happen .

Linn County Oregon

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Your question as written is very difficult to answer as it generates so many questions about your peach tree. How old is your tree? Has it produced every year since planted? Do you have any fruit setting on your tree this year? A photo of the whole tree and one of the 'dead' area would have been helpful. How many peach trees do you have, if any, are the other ones producing? You title the question as “Peach spray schedule”, I noted that your last question to “Ask an Expert” was about a spray schedule for your apple and peach trees, did you apply any spray this year, if so what did you use? Do you still have “worms” in your peach tree? Were you able to take the ‘worms” to the Linn County extension office to be identified? If so, what kind of worms did you have and did you spray for them? Are you pruning your tree? If you have damage caused by last winter’s freeze, the damage wood needs to be pruned out of the tree. Depending on the exact location of your property, in Linn and Benton County there are areas were Peach trees do very well (with proper and continual care) and other places where they don’t. A peach tree growing between Albany and Corvallis will do better than one planted in the higher altitudes East of Sweet Home or West of Philomath. Your location is also a factor that is important to finding a solution to your problem. I strongly encourage you to take a freshly cut branch of ‘dead’ wood, and a branch of ‘live’ wood with leaves to your extension office so they can try to identify the issue with your tree. Also take photos of the tree when you go. I suggest you call before going to be sure a Master Gardener, or the County Horticulture agent will be available when you get there. The phone number for the Linn County office is (541) 967-3871, address 33630 McFarland Road, Tangent. I am sure we will be able to help you with this problem with adequate information. Thanks for using “Ask an Expert”, we want to help you with all of your gardening problems.