Lawn Care

Asked August 5, 2017, 4:41 PM EDT

I renovated my backyard lawn about 2 years ago with a heavy shade grass seed mix. It has morning shade until around 11:00 Am and is back into partial to full shade in the late afternoon/evening 6:00 Pm(ish). Since planting it has matured into an attractive and healthy appearing lawn. My ongoing problem is mushroom growth. I have found from prior experience that the best way to address mushrooms is to pick them before they go to spores. This however, has turned into a monumental chore and become very difficult to keep up with because the mushrooms seem to grow and open overnight. Do you have any suggestions for eliminating or reducing mushroom growth?

Clackamas County Oregon

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Thanks for your lawn/mushroom question. You just don't know how lucky you are! Seriously! Mushrooms may look like you've been invaded, but they're actually a sign of a healthy yard. Here's a great article that explains the 'science' going on.

You can impress your family and friends by telling them about the world's largest fungus that's here in our very state by reading this article. I've attached a map that shows you where it is.