Can you prune a Norway Spruce

Asked August 5, 2017, 12:45 PM EDT

We had the front of our house re-done last year including landscaped. A 7 ft Norway Spruce was added to the mix of shrubs and plants. The amount of new growth this spring was surprising, at that rate I am concerned that eventually it will outgrow the landscape and eventually bend up very close to the house. I was planted about 10 ft away from the front of the house. Can it be trimmed without harming it and how do I go about it?

Please advise,

Thanks Paul

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Paul, please see this species description from the University of Florida: The tree will indeed get pretty tall. If you want to prune for height, it will be a lifelong struggle and it may be easier to just replace the tree with a shorter evergreen species. However, the University of Idaho has some good information on pruning evergreens, including Norwar Spruce: