What is it?

Asked August 5, 2017, 3:24 AM EDT

These volunteer showed up in a pot of Beard's Tongue penstemmon. I would like to know what it is. It is about 2-3 ft tall.
The picture on the right (without my hand in it) came out rotated. It should be rotated counterclockwise 90 degrees to see this plant more clearing in the pot. Thank you.

Yamhill County Oregon

2 Responses

Your mystery volunteer appears to be millet, one of the seeds common in a generic birdseed mix. Here’s information from a company which packages birdseed: https://hancockseed.com/dove-proso-millet-seed-50-lb-bag-61.html.

A-ha! Probably came from the birdseed mix that use. Thank you - I feel better knowing what it is!