Arbor Vitae damage from inexperienced Landscape Company

Asked August 5, 2017, 12:13 AM EDT

what measures may I take to correct drastic removal of bottom growth of all shrubbery, flowering and evergreen, along church walkway. Visible soil partial clay and compacted. Decades old, established garden. Some signs of dying already.

Guilford County North Carolina

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Good Morning: Sorry for the trouble you have had. You have listed several issues, it may be easier to diagnose with pictures. Did they just remove bottom growth of the branches and leave and what appears to an ice cream cone shaped shrub. So that the shrub is bigger at the top than at the bottom? The soil problem, I would recommend a soil test. Then base soil amendments on that test. But if you do not have time to wait on that, generally a good mix of top soil mixed with compost will help in this situation. But that will not tell you what nutrients you are missing and need to add. You did not mention if the landscape company pruned this way due to a pest, perhaps there was a bug they were trying to remove? If so, please watch to see if there is any further infestation. Look at the leaves and bark for signs, color changes, bites marks, holes, etc. Please let me know if we can be more help.