My rose bush of 40+ years turned into a climber

Asked August 4, 2017, 11:40 PM EDT

Quite recently the drought in California broke and I have been watering my backyard back to life. I have made several other rose bushes from this "mother" and they are all long stem. The "mother" however has turned into a climber. And has long branches with little buds, with lots of little petals. The babies, have maybe 12 pedals and are much larger, like the mother used to have. What did I do to cause this? Also, I'm not mad I am just so curious!

Santa Clara County California roses

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Thanks for your rose question. I have researched about as far as I can on your question, and have only one possible answer and that is your 'old' rose bush is becoming scraggly and in search of more sunlight. They do become 'leggy' if they have insufficient sun, water or nutrients, and pruning them back severely at the end of the growing season may restore your plant to its bush shape.

BTW, here's a link to a fascinating article by the RHS, which lists a variety of interesting problems that can beset roses, including the occurrence of suckers growing from the rootstock which can produce entirely different looking flowers.

An interesting question! Sorry I can't be more definitive.