Leaves fall off mock orange

Asked August 4, 2017, 11:32 PM EDT

I live in Hawaii. Mock orange seems to thrive here. Well - everywhere except in my yard. I have a hedge that i pay constant attention to. It gets full sun part of the day and part shade much of the day. I keep an eye out for aphids, white flies, ants, etc. I feed with miracle grow, water, let dry out, feed with compost. I try everything. Yet - every year or so, a handful of the plants just lose ALL of their leaves in a day or two. Can anyone guess as to why this is happening?

Honolulu County Hawaii

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Aloha and thank you for your question. Do the plants come back after losing leaves or do they die? Plants often drop their leaves in response to a environmental stress or disease but can recover if the stress has been remedied. If they are dying, check the roots and stems. If either of these are damaged or diseased the plant is unable to get water and nutrients to the leaves and will drop them.
Since you are on Oahu, you may want to contact your local Master Gardener help desk at OahuMG@ctahr.hawaii.edu or call 808-453-6055 Wednesdays, 9-5 for further assistance.