cedar tree

Asked August 3, 2017, 7:59 PM EDT

We have a cedar tree in our yard that we have had for at least 20 years. It was beautiful and green until about 10 days ago when it suddenly started turning brown. It appears to be dying more everyday. I can't imagine what has happened to it. How can it go from beautiful to dead so quickly? Can you give me any answers?

Frederick County Maryland

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There is no current disease that is attacking cedars and causing rapid kill as you describe. Please send us photos at varying distances, including a close shot of needles turning green but not totally dead yet. Our plant pathologist can look at them.

Half of tree problems are environmental. Has anything changed around the tree lately? Excavation? Herbicide application? Any changes at all.


Sorry to say I don't have a phone or camera to send photos to you. I could gather samples and mail them to you if that would help. There is very little green left now. To answer your question, there has been no change to anything in our yard.
Martha Carbaugh

Would it be possible to have someone come and look at it. We are in the northern part of Frederick County. If so I can give you directions.

You could contact a certified arborist to come out and look at the tree. An arborist has specialized training and is best qualified to do an on-site assessment of tree health. They will look for signs and symptoms of diseases, pests, and other problems that might have affected the tree. To find a certified arborist near you, you can use the following website. http://www.treesaregood.org/findanarborist