Asked August 3, 2017, 5:42 PM EDT

I have a patch of Rhubarb aprox 7' by 3.5 or 4' area) and have notice for sometime the leaves and stems underneath, closest to the ground are turning yellow Brown in color. I have had this happen year after year. Every year I plant tomatoes, Peppers (just started a patch of raspberries last year) and I have a Com-poster nearby too. I normally don't harvest the Rhubarb so it to keep it in check I pull out stocks, at the base and feed it to the Com-poster. Is the yellow brown stems/leaves an indication of something occurring? As you can see from the pics, the rest of the plant leaves and stems look fine. I looked at your Vegetable section, and don't see a whole lot of information on Rhubarb. could you help direct me to the right area or reply with a response? Thank you in advance. Joseph

Dakota County Minnesota

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From the pictures the plants look healthy and a few yellow leaves at the bottom are normal. They are shaded out by the bigger leaves hanging over them. The water soaked leaves are probably a mild fungal infection of leaves that get little air circulation, are too wet and in a high humidity environment. I would not compost the brown and yellow leaves unless you are sure your compost pile reaches 140 F at its center and the pile is turned regularly. A temperature of at least 140 F is required to kill diseases.