squash bugs and pepper plant problem

Asked August 3, 2017, 4:23 PM EDT

This is my first year having a garden plot at the Druid Hill city garden farm. I have squash bugs on my zucchini and squash plants. The zucchini plant looks like it's getting ready to die. It looks like something has burrowed in the stem of the plant. Can you tell me how to treat for them? Also, I've attached pictures of one of my pepper plant leaves. Can you tell me what is affecting my pepper plant and how to treat for it? I got one pepper, but it rotted. The plant is continuing to get new growth, but the leaves get like the pictures and fall off.

Baltimore Maryland

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Please go to our Grow It Eat It section. Click on Food Gardening > Vegetables > Vegetable Crops. You'll find profiles for each type of vegetable and at the bottom on the page, a list of primary insect pests and diseases, including squash bugs, squash vine borer, etc. Controls are given.

The peppers look like they have bacterial leaf spot. Look in the Pepper profile.