Clematis fungus

Asked August 3, 2017, 12:54 PM EDT

I lost a 5 year old, well established Clematis when it was in full bloom in late June. I clipped off all the dead vines, eventually it died completely and I cut and removed all dead vines to the soil line. This week the clematis that is on the trellis next to it, same age, is now showing signs of dying. 2 clematis side by side on the front of my house. My question - should I dig the roots up and replant in the spring? The literature said they would come back, but the one that died in June has not regrown. If I shouldn't replant the clematis vines, do you have a suggestion for plants to replace them? SW facing, full sun, very well drained soil and they get watered daily because of the window boxes on either side - I use an automatic watering system. Thanks!

Pope County Minnesota

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This year has had several very heavy rains and many days with high humidity. The clematis probably has bacterial wilt and the clematis will probably come up next year and may even bloom and then crash. Some gardeners have watched their clematis crash every year for about 5 years and then it didn't crash anymore. Watering everyday is probably part of the problem, and so is the weather this year. The variety may also be part of the problem, some varieties are resistant
As to replacement plants if you want to give up on clematis the hardy kiwi is pretty, hops vine, Dutchman's pipe, trumpet vine is a favorite of hummingbirds but gets very large. Hardy hibiscus are very showy, hydrangeas, and Joe Pye Weed make a statement.