Fungal infection of Crepe Myrtle and odd regrowth

Asked August 3, 2017, 10:38 AM EDT

These Razzle Dazzle Crepe Myrtles developed severe powdery mildew (that's what it looks like) 2 years ago. We cut out dead wood, treated with mancozeb, and they have started to recover (though large parts are still affected). But they have sent out these new shoots which have different colored and sized leaves, as you can see in the picture. This is not side growth of a volunteer. There are several stems with both types of foliage. Any explanation for that? And can you suggest an effective Rx for the infection?

Montgomery County Maryland

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We are not clear of what you have here. Are you concerned with the part that is blooming? What color are the blooms of your existing shrub?
Can you send additional photos of the plant that is not blooming, including one that shows how the leaves are arranged along the stem, and one showing the two kinds of leaves that you mention?

Here are some additional pictures. The first (#3008) shows both leaf types on the same plant. The older parts of the plant have smaller, darker leaves. The second photo (3033) shows the smaller, older stem and leaves.The third shows both types together. Bloom color is the same. There is still considerable powdery mildew on the plants. Can you suggest a remedy?

Our plant pathologist took a look at your photos. We think the smaller growth might have been caused by powdery mildew infection early in the season, causing this dwarfed and stunted look to the foliage. Have you applied fungicide on the tree this season? Did you apply it at the rate given on the label instructions?