Hackberry Leaf Drop

Asked August 2, 2017, 9:17 PM EDT

I have several hackberry trees in my yard. Last year they dropped dried berries (looked like small peppercorns) incessantly. This year, no berries, but they have literally dropped bright yellow leaves since the day they got leaves in the Spring. Oddly, the trees do no look exfoliated, but I get about a garbage can of leaves/ week off one large tree. A rare few leaves do have well defined bumps on underside of leaf (? psyllid). Any thoughts? I am in Jeff Co and could bring leaves by, but not much to see. Thanks.

Jefferson County Kentucky

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Hackberries are very hardy trees and are found in many landscapes across Kentucky. Galls caused by the hackberry psyllid are common, normally considered a nuisance.
Leaf drop is also a common occurrence.

The hackberry has a berrylike fruit that can be green to a purple-black. As they dry they fall and can cause concern to many homeowners. This berry is a common food for birds and other wildlife.

Info in hackberries in KY:http://www.uky.edu/hort/Sugar-Hackberry

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