Ficus Galls? Advice Needed

Asked August 2, 2017, 7:48 PM EDT

I have noticed what looks like an insect laying eggs on my ficus leaves. Almost all of the leaves have these translucent eggs. Will this harm my plant? I've done a little research online, but there seems to be so many possible like-afflictions that I need some expert advice. I have attached a photo that I hope will help.

Los Angeles County California

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Thank you for your ficus question. I'm afraid I'm unable to see these structures very clearly. The ficus gall wasp lays eggs on ficus leaves, which produce galls as seen in the photo I've attached. These have been identified in California in members of the ficus family, and, if these are what you have, UC indicates you can prune them off, or, if left in place, they will not harm the plant. If you can't get a better picture of the structures, it would alternatively be helpful to get a picture of the insects you've seen laying the eggs.

However, I don't feel particularly certain about this identification, so you might want to cut off the most heavily infested leaf and take it in to your county Extension office in Alhambra or Lancaster.

Sorry I can't be more helpful. Good luck!