rotten spots on all my peaches

Asked August 2, 2017, 7:22 PM EDT

All the peaches on my peach tree had rotten spots even before they ripened. some even before they were very large. They were sprayed with "Fruit Tree Spray" by Bondine every 2 to 3 weeks. By the time they were ripe they were all rotten. What is the cause and how can i avoid this problem in the future?

Harford County Maryland fruit peaches with brown rot

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This sounds like brown rot. It is very common here. It can be worse in wet springs.
We don't recommend using combination fruit tree sprays, because they apply pesticides at times when you don't need them, and contain chemical pesticides that are more toxic while there are others that are less so but will do the job.
The timing of spray schedules for fruit trees is pretty strict and starts as early as dormant, pre-bloom stage, and can repeat right up to almost harvest depending on what you are treating for.
Peaches have many problems in our area. Take a look at this page, which has spray schedule information:
To control Brown Rot, spraying of a fungicide (with not other ingredients) is done very early in the season, when blooms are 5% open and again at 95% open, then cover sprays approximately every 14 days until 2 weeks before harvest.
Read through the links. There are cultural ways of managing your orchard to help with diseases and pest too.
It is not easy to grow good tree fruits in Maryland.

Small fruits like berries or figs are much easier.