Beetles on tomatoes, can't identify

Asked August 2, 2017, 6:46 PM EDT

There are an abundance of beetles and larvae on tomatoes in my garden. I can't identify them. They don't look like striped cucumber beetles. Black larvae all over the place. Please answer ASAP. I have been washing the larvae off and away. Thanks

St. Mary's County Maryland

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This is a type of blister beetle.
Here is a page about them:
You can wear gloves and hand-pick them.

We wonder if the plentiful black pellets you are assuming are larvae/nymphs are actually the droppings of the tomato hornworm, who can devour tomato leaves at quite a pace. They are hard to see as they blend in so well, and usually people notice them when they see the pellets first.
Take a look at the page at the link below, then hunt for them. If they have white rice-like appendages on their backs, leave them be as they are being parasitized by a beneficial insect and won't live long, as the beneficial's babies will hatch out soon to help control more of them. See here: