Sticky spray covering everything!

Asked August 2, 2017, 4:45 PM EDT

For a couple weeks now, a fine and very sticky spray has coated my entire yard . . . plants, trees, railings, sidewalks, cars. Our yard is two acres--part woods, part lawn, many gardens. Our neighbors have many white pines, which I know have a sticky sap, but this stuff travels 900 feet or more, and I don't recall the white pines being so productive in past years. Any ideas? I live on the border of West St Paul and Mendota Heights, across from a golf course. Thanks for any advice you can give me! Anne Pfankuch

Dakota County Minnesota honeydew horticulture

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It probably has nothing to do with the white pines, but is instead honeydew, which is the excretion of aphids. The aphids are feeding on various trees in your yard and the honeydew is coating everything below. The aphids are not usually a threat to the trees, so no control is warranted. Read here: