Bell Pepper Plants - loosing leaves

Asked August 2, 2017, 3:55 PM EDT

This year my bell pepper plants are not flowering as usual, and are also losing their leaves; plants have slow growth as well. Only one pepper was harvested on one plant, and two harvested on another plant. I just saw "one" flower appear on a plant the other day. That's it. What is the problem? I didn't see anything on the website about leaving falling off.

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Peppers can have poor flowering and fruit production due to heat stress, prolonged dry or wet periods, or other causes, which are described on the following web page.

Had you seen any wilting in the plants before the leaves fell off? Are there any other symptoms on the leaves (spots or discoloration)? Peppers are susceptible to bacterial and fungal problems. If you did not see any symptoms on the leaves, though, it could be temperature stress or other environmental conditions that are causing the leaf drop.


Thanks for your response. I did see some curling of leaves earlier in the season; also some leaves had brown spots, which I removed. The plants have slow growth. I also noticed today one of the flowers on a plant dried up. I usually have great success with bell peppers. It's strange that there was a few early peppers which grew to full growth and were delicious. Three of the plants never had any fruits. I still give them plenty of rain water and do what I can, since the plants are obviously see living. Its just perplexing.

The browning spots on the leaves may be an indication of bacterial leaf spot. Take a look at the following page, which has information about this disease and the symptoms. It's hard to say for sure (without seeing photos) if this is the problem, but it is a possibility.


I believe this is the problem. thanks very much for your help.