Please identify this weed

Asked August 2, 2017, 1:23 PM EDT

I apologize for multiple sending of the same question. Thought I had errors, so it is in 3 times. I am not good with computers. This weed starts at edge of pond. It roots underground quickly and as it grows, the roots become as tough as bark, very long extension into yard. It was over 8 foot tall in flower beds that had not been cared for in several years. It required a bobcat to dig them out, lift rocks and clear out roots. Please identify and explain if this has a useful purpose. If not, is there a way to kill them in an environmentally friendly way?

Anoka County Minnesota

2 Responses

It is really hard to say for sure what your plant is without seeing it growing. It is pretty wilted in your photo but I think it could be a wild aster. I wouldn't say there is a useful purpose. If you don't care for it and want to get rid of it then digging it out is a good option. You can also use some broadleaf weed killers that are labeled safe for use near water. You could also try covering the area with black plastic and let it sit for a couple of weeks to kill whatever is growing there.

Someone else has suggested that if you had to use a skid loader to remove it then it is possible that it could be willow. Was it a woody or not?