Stressed Cedar tree

Asked August 1, 2017, 1:58 PM EDT

Hi Experts, I'm wondering if you can please help me with this cedar tree. It has webbing in it's branches which leads me to believe it has spider mites. The roots are wrapped around the bottom of the tree, maybe do to in proper planting. Also it has a million wood pecker wholes on it. What's your thoughts?? Many thanks, Colleen

Montgomery County Maryland

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The holes in the trunk of the tree are from sapsuckers or woodpeckers. The following page has more information about this:

At the base of the tree, it looks like there is a girdling root. If left unchecked, these can eventually cut off the sap flow from the stems and leaves. These should be corrected when the roots are small. In a larger root like this on a mature tree, it is advisable to leave it undisturbed. Here is more information about girdling roots.

The webbing in the branches might be spiders rather than spider mites. Spider mites are not known to be a significant pest in these cedars. Signs and symptoms of spider mites can be found on the following page. You would need a hand lens to see them. Tap a branch over a white piece of paper and see if any mites fall out. That is one way to test for them.