Persimmons are dropping

Asked August 1, 2017, 1:22 PM EDT

Hello, I have a young persimmon tree. I bought it last year when it was maybe 4 feet tall and it had 2 persimmons. This year, it grew quite considerably and there were 13 persimmons that formed. But lately, the persimmons have been dropping off of the tree and now I'm down to about 4. When I feel them, they are soft and squishy (maybe after falling off, they rotted?). Why are they falling off the tree. Is this normal. They are all still green. I have not used fertilizer on the tree, only compost in the spring.

Howard County Maryland

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Persimmons will drop fruit because of too much nitrogen fertilization. They naturally thin themselves when fruit is young. You don't mention if this is a native plant or an oriental persimmon. Here is a extension fact sheet on persimmon that mentions other factors such as heat stress: