Pine beetle

Asked August 1, 2017, 12:03 PM EDT

On my Park County land, is it best to avoid mitigating and trimming ponderosa pine trees between May and October to avoid attracting the pine beetle? I was told that by a friend in Chaffee County.

Park County Colorado

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Hi- Any tree should not be trimmed between May and October. Basically the sap is flowing freely and a "Trim" in the these months is like cutting yourself (accidently of course) with a knife. It can become the source of entry for disease and pests. And the tree can wash off and put on a bandaid to help in the healing.

So this is why we recommend trimming after a hard freeze of the an April snowfall.

Does that make sense? Hope this helps.

Some clarification needed. Do you mean only trim in the months of November thru April? Also: you said "after a hard freeze in April" . . . . did you mean to say in November? I am confused because "after a hard freeze in April" could mean the month of May.

Hard freeze in April, means the month of April:-)

May can bring snow, but usually warmer days too.

So yes, trim November through April.