Broke a root connection

Asked August 1, 2017, 9:41 AM EDT

I was planning on doing some landscaping & gardening but first i wanted to get a fresh clear spot so i dug up the grass & any lingering weeds to leave me with renaining dirty I can mound up when ready to plant, however (in, Wilmington, NC) this Oak 30 feet from my front door atleast 4 stories high, already have the bulging roots above ground that show a clear line where the trees life force is spread out... thats when I cut into its root & at first i thought it was a pipe, but after a good half hour at hacking it away i just got a small chunk taken out of it.

My question is, have I disrupted nature in a sense to where it needs to be rectified. does the root need any "healing" from my hacking that i can help?

New Hanover County North Carolina

1 Response

If the tree is otherwise healthy, it should be OK. Damage to a tree's root system is always a function of the percentage of the total root system affected. Is it a good thing for the tree. No. But, a tree that large has a enormous root system - most of which has not be negatively affected.

If the root is almost severed, I would go ahead and complete the cut. The cut will cause branching. If more than half of it diameter is still intact, just leave it. The tree will close the wound on its own. No treatments needed.