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Asked July 31, 2017, 10:27 PM EDT

Hello, We have a south-southwest facing house and yard. We recently had a large Colorado spruce removed from our front yard due to severe needle cast and branch/root loss after we had to have our sewer main replaced. We'd like to plant a Freeman maple, or something like it in its place(something that grows relatively quick to replace the shade we've lost, and a nice color in the fall). I'm concerned about the shallow nature of the roots as the tree would be relatively close to a driveway and small concrete walkway. How far away should I plant the tree from the driveway? Also, I understand the final canopy spread could be 30-40 feet - should I assume that planting the tree 20 feet or so from the house would be reasonable/safe? Thank you for your advice

Dakota County Minnesota

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Freeman maples are a hybrid of a silver and a red and they have some of the same problems as silver maples: shallow roots and copious amounts of seed each year. 20 ft. should be sufficient distance and the roots can be cut away when the tree is well established but other trees offer quick growth and shade without the shallow roots.
If you would like to consider other trees please see the fact sheets for lists of choices. Obviously, ash trees are no longer recommended.