Hawthorn problem

Asked July 31, 2017, 2:03 PM EDT

This is my first spring with this new hawthorn tree. Planted early summer last year.. Doing fine except after flowering this year the tiny apples developed this brown fuzzy stuff appeared on the apples only. The foliage seems fine. I touch the tree and the air is filled with spores/pollen and its not going away. Someone suggest rust but there are no juniper or other apples trees in my yard or my neighbors yards and so far no yellowing of the foliage. I don't no what to do. Please advise.

Wright County Minnesota

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I'm pretty sure this is cedar-hawthorn rust. The rusty spores can be seen on the foliage, even in the photos you sent. Compare with these photos:
As for not finding the alternate host nearby, that host can be as far as a mile away.

Usually, this disease does not threaten the health of the tree, although it can be unsightly. These links describe it and offer some controls: