Asked July 31, 2017, 11:06 AM EDT

We found this frog at our local pool, i have not seen one with such sticky pads on its toes and the yellow on the legs before. Also the texture of the skin seemed like a cross of toad/frog. Rather than smooth like the frogs I know. What is it? It was relatively small as you will see in the pics but NOT tiny or small like the 'tree frogs' i know.

Carroll County Maryland

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This is a very large Gray tree frog, a Maryland native. Very loud! and fun.


Thank you so much!! I actually do not think I have ever seen one, and yes fun - the toes were adorable- we stuck him to my son as you can see in the pics. Then let him go away from lots feet that were at the swim meet at the local pool.

Listen at night and you'll probably hear them this time of year. They are loving all the rain.