Dark green crepe looking leaves on green beans (blue lake pole)

Asked July 31, 2017, 10:51 AM EDT

Some of our pole beans have dark green crepe looking leaves, some mishapen. Leaves are not mottled and no signs of insects. The beans are blossoming but do not know if there will be any impact on the beans as they mature. This is first time planting our garden at this residence. New home. Thank you for your assistance.

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Hello. Is impossible to speculate about what may be going on with your beans. I suggest that you take a sample of the bean leaves to the Master Gardener information desk. I also recommend that you take a photo or several with you to show the master gardener on duty. Take at least one of the entire plant and others closer up of the problem you are worried about. Be sure to phone ahead to ensure that a master gardener is on duty as bean leaves will wilt quickly and it will be difficult for the master gardener to diagnose once the leaves have started to deteriorate. The phone number is 541-967-3871. The Linn County Extension Office is located at 33630 McFarland Road, Tangent. If unfamiliar to their location ask for directions when you call about a master gardener being on duty.