Deer Stone saved my Grandfathers life.

Asked July 30, 2017, 9:10 PM EDT

Why is this so hard to believe? My Grandfather was bitten by a rattle snake when my Mother was a young women. He went out to the wood pile to get wood for their cook stove. While there he was bitten by a rattle snake on the arm. My Grandmother had a "Deer Stone" her Mother had given her. Her Mother was married to "Old Bill Williams", a famous Mountain Man. My Grandmother applied the stone to the bitten area, then bound it with a cloth. The next morning, my Grandmother removed the bandage and stone. Then placing the stone in a basin of water, my Mother said the stone released a "Green Foam". My Grandfater was quite ill of course, but he servived. My Great grandmother was of the Ute tribe. I wish I had that same stone.

Yuma County Arizona

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