Any remedy for a "stressed" maple tree?

Asked July 30, 2017, 8:16 PM EDT

I have a nearly 25 year old maple tree that appears to be stressed. For the last two years, in the spring, a large section in the center is late to grow leaves. This section is also the first to change color. It is now in process of doing so. Is there any treatment or cure? Will it get worse? Will it eventually cause the tree to die? See attached photo. This has never been an issue until the past 2 years. I do not believe it is compacted soil, as I use a push mower and there is never any heavy equipment in this area. (Assuming that's how soil gets compacted.) Any advice is appreciated. Secondly, can you identify the plant or tree attached photos. It grew up from the remains of an unidentified tree (a very small sapling) that was cut down last year. If it is a tree, I would like to preserve it. If not, I will remove.

Hennepin County Minnesota

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There is a problem with the trunk/branches where it is turning color. There is nothing I can do by just seeing a long range photo. The only way to tell for sure what is happening is to have a certified arborist make an on-site visit and diagnosis. He may have to climb your tree to take a look. You can find one by visiting this site and clicking on Find An Arborist. You can put in your zip code. The volunteer tree is a junk tree. People call them Chinese Elm although they actually are Korean Elm and an invasive tree. Dig it out.