Johnsongrass / foxtail control

Asked July 30, 2017, 7:12 PM EDT

Dear Sir, Trying to control Johnsongrass, foxtail etc. in existing fescue, orchardgrass, brome pastures & hay fields. Publication "2014 Johnsongrass Control Trial in Princeton" seems to report good results with several chemicals in a post emerge application . I was going to use MSMA because it looked like the best for long term results (305 days after treatment). However it looks like there are forage harvest & grazing restrictions with MSMA QUESTIONS 1. What MSMA product was used, and did it also have grazing & harvesting restrictions ? 2. Is there a time limit after treating with MSMA that would render the forage safe for grazing &/or haying ? 3. Maybe there is something better for my needs since the 2014 report. What do you recommend ? I would greatly appreciate any help or information you could direct me to. Thank you Greg Whitmore

Greene County Missouri

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Greg, I have not seen the report you mentioned so can't comment on the specifics, but I am aware that there is no forage label for the use of MSMA in pastures that I have ever seen. I believe it's due to the arsenic in the product that can be toxic to livestock. You have three options for Johnsongrass control in my view: 1. Allow for grazing in the pasture to lower the Johnsongrass levels in the pasture over several years. This is dependent on stocking density, but over time most producers have found Jgrass to diminish with grazing. Not true for hay fields. 2. Use a weed wiper to wipe glyphosate onto the weed. This can be effective but needs to be done multiple times for the best control. Some soil & water districts have weed wipers for rent but not in Greene County. 3. Use Valent's Outrider herbicide. This will not seriously harm fescue but I am not positive of it's effects on orchardgrass. It is expensive but can be effective. It will take more than one application.
We have not found a selective herbicide for control of foxtail. However, foxtail presence is a sign of a greater problem....thin stands of grass or perhaps overgrazing early in the season. Evaluate your stand this month to determine if a reseeding or overseeding is needed. Hope this helps.