Best greenhouse construction

Asked July 30, 2017, 4:17 PM EDT

Hello! We have a 10x 20 fr greenhouse and are researching the best foundation to build for it, for our bio region. We are in clackamas right near Damascus. Do you have info or resources to help us make an educated decision about this? Thank you!!

Clackamas County Oregon greenhouse

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Congratulations on getting a greenhouse. A 10'x20' structure will provide plenty of room to play with growing in a protected environment.

What are the recommendations of the greenhouse manufacturer to attach the unit to the ground? Most importantly, you'll want to make sure it does not blow away in a wind storm. For this purpose, auger-like ground anchors with turnbuckles attached to the framing can work or each ground post can be sunk in hole with several bags of concrete. In these scenarios, a foundation is not needed, which makes it possible to plant directly in the ground insider your greenhouse, which word very well for vegetable production.

If you are wanting to grow containers and such, then you could use landscape fabric on the ground in the system above to control weeds.

Or, you could pour a concrete pad for the greenhouse if you want an environment that can be sterilized more easily.

I hope that this response helps. Good luck!