What is it?

Asked July 30, 2017, 3:41 PM EDT

In the past week we have noticed a flying insect that we are unable to identify. Its body extends downward while it is flying. Its wings are not visible while in flight as they move very fast. They are only visible when it rests or its flight is hindered. The legs are long and extend outward from the body. The entire insect appears to be blue and black striped. Also, it has two short antennae. To me it looks like a very tiny drone that people fly.

St. Louis County Minnesota

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We can only guess what the insect might be without seeing it or sharp photos. So our guess is Bittacomorpha clavipes also known as phantom cranefly.


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Thank you. That was it and now I will be able to share the information with my grandson's and read more about the phantom cranefly with them.