excited but confused

Asked July 30, 2017, 11:38 AM EDT

bought egg clutches as pets kept the bigest one and gave the rest away now it grew wings i didnt know the Chinese mantids grew wings the protective cover on one side broke off during molting im wondering if it might grow it back

North Dakota

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.I have never raised these, so can only give you information I found on the Internet. I hope it helps. If not, please contact your Extension office.

Right after insects molt, they need time to let their hemolymph (blood) fill out their wings and appendages. (Usually they're hanging upside down when doing this. In this case, the mantis doesn't look like its' exoskeleton has hardened up yet. Just give it some time, don't touch it and see what happens. If the wings remain messed up, there's nothing you can do. It won't affect breeding at all. Sometimes, the insect will slip or fall and the legs/wings get damaged. Next time, keep the enclosure humidity high and provide a piece of long thin cork bark for the animal to hang onto and shed on. Good luck.

p.s. Once reaching the adult stage, insects will not molt again.